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Dozens of unique author’s meditations in the form of healing sound healings, shamanic techniques, chants and mantras, which are constantly increasing.


One-off sales with an extraordinary touch and energy. Full moon healing, new moon healing, equinox, topics tailor-made for you.


In general, one can say that there are no two meditations alike. Meditation doesn’t have to be just about turning on something pleasant and doing nothing. Meditation is a conscious work on oneself, an intensive tool to sense life from a different perspective, to consciously direct it towards harmony, balance and inner joy. EXCLUSIVE – high quality meditations have become some of the most popular in a short time. Their extraordinary audio and video quality has immediately won many fans. They are individuals working on their personal growth, as well as companies trying to provide their empoyees with mental health benefits within so important theme of work-life balance. EXCLUSIVE meditations focus on specific topics that can be repeated over time as needed. Professional videos guarantee even greater benefits for your body, mind and soul. Frequency waves captured by top-class technique will immerse you deeper. You will experience a relaxation that is intense and quickly noticeable during and also after the meditation.

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Crystal bowls guide us into the world of subtle energies and light beings. White-frosted Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Bowls made from high-purity quartz create a very pleasant aura with their sound and design. Their long-lasting spherical tone spreads when the singing bowl is gently tapped or rubbed, allowing the energy to be felt in the entire surrounding.

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handmade tools

Shamanic rattles are primarily grounding and cleansing tools. We have started to make them at the end of 2022.
Shamanic rattles are a traditional tools of many tribes around the world.
They clean the energy field, the aura, purify thoughts, spaces, and rid us of negative energy. They are intended for personal use by anyone who feels the need to cleanse or ground themselves.
They are also intended for therapists, sound healers, masseurs, etc., when we use the power of shamanic rattles when working with the client. Using shamanic rattles is very simple. By rattling the rattle, we cancel the concentrated negative waves around the body, or on the body.
Each shamanic rattle is unique. Their creation takes place under our own rituals and purifications. A mineral is inserted into almost every one, which amplifies its energy in frequency.
Smudging feathers
Smudging Feather are part of cleansing rituals, either for personal use or during/after working with clients. They disperse/move the smoke from the herbs we burn to a closer physical contact or a specific place in space.
We make smudging feathers from naturally collected feathers. Each smudging feather is unique. We often also have exceptional and not commonly available owl feathers, etc.
The essence of each bird is thus the basis of our works, which carry the intention of purity. “Spirit of the bird” is pure, as the native americans say, because the birds fly the highest and have the ability to bring information from the gods of the sky…


Spiritual retreat designated for self-development. Its main goal is to immerse into oneself and to embark for a journey of transformation. There is no meat eating and sound healing meditations are held several times a day. We build a collective energy together and we discuss and sense what is going on within us and around us. Sound Healing retreats originated back in 2017, when the 1st retreat took place in Low Tatras, in the magical Krpáčovo, our favourite place. Since then the retreats have been held 3 times a year.


Spiritálny pobyt určený na sebarovoj. Hlavným cieľom je zahĺbenie sa do seba, a vydanie sa na cestu transformácie. Na pobyte sa neje mäso, sound healing meditácie sa konajú niekoľkokrát do dňa. Budujeme spolu kolektívnu energiu, rozoberáme a vnímame čo sa deje v nás a okolo nás. Sound Healingové pobyty vznikli ešte v roku 2017, kedy sa uskutočnil 1.pobyt v Nízkych Tatrách, v čarovom Krpáčove, na našom obľúbenom mieste. Odvtedy sa pobyty konajú 3x ročne.

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