Mindfulness Sound Healing Meditation

duration: 20 min

Use your potential and fulfil your dreams. Mindfulness meditation, meditation of the presence aimed at calming the mind. The present moment is something we talk a lot about, read a lot about, but practice little. This meditation will help you tune into the present moment, stay awake and mindful.

  • valid for 4 days
  • the package is active from the moment of purchase
  • possibility to play the meditation unlimitedly for 4 days
  • headphones recommended

Mindfulness meditation is created especially for those of you who are in a rut and spin like on a roundabout in the same situations. You struggle with fatigue, tension and internal pressure that is very unhealthy in the long run. Mindfulness is suitable for active and working people who want to avoid burnout and need to gain energy, motivation, direction, or for employers/companies, as part of a work-life balance philosophy.

This meditation is available anytime for 4 days after purchase. We encourage you to play it every day.


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