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We welcome you to our world of the word. Word toys, imitations and revelations. This blog was created for pleasure. Mine, yours, and it’s a place where you can find answers to many questions or read about things you don’t normally find. I write about fascinating sound healing, about instruments, about my journey to sound healing, about realizations, reflections, and about what is flowing through me at a given time in a given place. You can feel different frequencies when reading articles. Each word has its own frequency. And it is the translation of the frequency of thought, or part of it, into matter. A sentence is a mixture of different frequencies. And all the content creates one unique frequency that affects us as a whole. Did you know that Slovak language is one of the languages with high vibration?┬á

I believe that our articles will enrich you, relax you, motivate you, and increase your frequency so much that you will feel vital, both physically and mentally. If this happens, you can let us know­čÖé
Enjoy the reading.

What the Sound Healing is?

What about is sound healing? Sound healing, or sound therapy, is a very old method of harmonizing the entire set of our existence here on earth.