I brought Sound Healing in my heart from Nepal

I brought Sound Healing in my heart from Nepal

I brought sound healing in my heart from Nepal
Since then, he has been with me (in his heart) all the time. When I look back on 2014, when I traveled to a Nepalese monastery for a silent retreat to meditate, so much has changed that sound healing is no longer just in my heart. But in the hearts of many of you.

Since 2015, when I started playing singing bowls, after the first course I took shortly after my stay in a Nepalese monastery, in Germany, a lot has changed here in Slovakia. Sound healing is no longer an unfamiliar concept, but an increasingly sought-after service. 

What happened to me in the monastery?

Buddhist monks play singing bowls only sparingly, however, once they have used them, it has a justification and its meaning. The morning meditations at 5:30 a.m. were in silence. It was led by a very thoughtful monk who naturally did not talk much, but in all those two weeks in silence he “told” me the most. His morning meditation always ended with three blows into a small singing bowl.
The wave power I felt on a physical and mental level was astounding. I knew something had happened to my body and mind every time. It was like someone inside was showering me. After leaving the monastery, I had a thousand questions in my head, because the singing dish from the morning meditations left a distinctive trace in my cells, ears, and heart, after which I decided to go further and explore. 
Despair after returning from the monastery

After returning home, I sat at the computer for several nights, looking for available information about sound healing, singing bowls, sound treatment. I can accurately recall the feeling of looking for someone I know who I know exists, but there is no publicly available mention of them. It was desperate at times. 
After about four nights in a row, I closed my survey with the following finding: I found one and the same = nothing. A few vague articles in English, but nothing to satisfy my eagerness. 
I guess I’m dreaming
A few weeks later, I travelled to a German exhibition focused mainly on musicians. The smallest stall caught my eye the most. In it, they made demonstrations of therapies with singing bowls. I thought I was dreaming. I came there, tried the therapy, and talked to the gentlemen who led them. 
I took contacts, and that day I wrote an email and asked for a training date. I had to wait half a year. and I went to Germany again on the date of the training.
Since then, I have not stopped, quite the contrary. Sound healing has entered my life very deeply, it has influenced it very strongly – and it affects every single day. 

A decade with singing bowls

Next year it will be 10 years since I have been doing sound healing, and what I went through is….. That wouldn’t be a blog, but a book :).
I started to devote myself to bowls for myself. For my inner growth, and the peace I felt in myself after each play. It was only in those moments that I understood that it was the deep peace, and that precious silence, that was
What I have been subconsciously looking for for a long time.

Not that I heavily induce it during a muddy YouTube meditation, which just irritates me well with a reading voice, but that the peace of mind after playing on bowls was (and is every time) so extensive that I was 100% sure it exceeded me. That it goes beyond my physicality, and wanders somewhere into the bowels of our electromagnetic field. At that time, I didn’t understand it so much in terms of content and physics. Today I know what is happening to me, what is (u)happening to you, and why he reacted that way, and she reacted that way. 
Since singing bowls were one big unknown in Slovakia, I didn’t even tell anyone about them. For almost a year I played for myself. She perceived what was happening to me, what was changing, how I was changing, how markedly my attitudes were changing, and how my raw feelings were becoming a ready-made soup that warms the body, mind and soul. 
Today, when I google sound healing, it doesn’t just throw away anything at me anymore. I am happy because those who are looking now will no longer remain desperate, as I was in 2014 :). And those looking for others can find their way to sound healing as well. Those who are not looking for sound healing at all have perfect lives, in harmony, joy, jumping on clouds, and maybe one day sound healing will find them on their own. And that’s a good thing. 
Sound therapy, with the help of gongs, Tibetan bowls and other resonant instruments, tears off glasses full of illusions, and can do much more than you can (think) at the moment.

to be continued next time❤️

… about the fact that I didn’t want to play for others at all, let alone publicly. about what event it began to break. How and when I founded Sound Healing Slovakia, and that today

I train dozens of people a year as passionate as I was almost a decade ago.