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March 25-26, 2023 – Singing Bowls I course (beginners, more info HERE)

1.4-2.4.2023 – Shamanism course: Basic ancient healing techniques (more info HERE)

22.4-23.4.2023 – Course Singing Bowls II. (advanced, more info HERE)

29.4.-30.4.2023 – Course Gongs I. (beginners, more info HERE)

13.5.-14.5.2023 – Course Singing Bowls III. – Work with Energy

20.5.-21.5. 2023 – Course Your voice as a healing tool (more info HERE)

27.5-28.5.2023 – Sound Healing course for Kids (more info HERE)

10.6.-11.6.2023 – Course Singing Bowls I. (beginners, more info HERE)

Let yourself be guided by the cosmis sounds of gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, shamanic drums and chimes. They allow us to touch the essence. They bring back to us what we have gradually lost in the course of our lives. The sparkle, the zest, the joy. The only way to change your life is now, in the present moment. And it’s not difficult at all.

We are all looking for something. (Self)Love, healing, peace of mind, a dream job, balance.

Welcome to the magical world of the first Sound Healing Centre in Central Europe. We are the only ones in Slovakia dedicated to holistic sound healing in such an extensive professional form with long-term experience and results.

“under the auspices of Lucia Nosko’s international certified education, who has achieved the highest degree in holistic resonance, and holds the global title of Gong Master Teacher, of which there are officially only 24 in the world.”

sound healing nadoby

Uniqueness, expertise, cordiality

Uniqueness, expertise, cordiality

Each of our therapies is unique, created in part due to the highest education in holistic resonance in the world. Our one and only therapies have been created over many years based on your needs.

Our centre’s doors are open physically and online for individuals, adults and children, for closed groups, and also for companies who care about the mental health of their employees as part of a work-life balance. 

During pandemic measures, we are fully online.

Sound meditácie online

Pre seba

Mesačné online členstvo PRE SEBA
Čo v ňom nájdeš?
Desiatky jedinečných autorských meditácií v podobe liečivých sound healingov, šamanských techník, spevov a mantier, ktoré neustále pribúdajú.

Sound meditácie online


Výnimočná kvalita obrazu a zvuku pre hlbšiu meditáciu a uvoľnenie.

Meditácie, terapie a kurzy

v centre

Zažiť sound healing meditácie a terapie na vlastnej koži je hlboký zážitok a dokonalý relax, ktorý zanechá stopu vo vašom srdci už navždy.


Všetky naše služby a produkty môžete zakúpiť ako darček pre vaše spriaznené duše. My sa postaráme o doručenie.

Personalaudio healing

audio healing

sound healing lucia nosko

In the summer of 2020, I was preparing for the birth of our son. Like any first-time mother, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I felt I needed to prepare more and strengthen myself mentally towards the upcoming birth. My husband organized a personal audio healing recording with all of our gong master friends from different countries. The result was a tailor-made, almost hour-long recording for me. I played it every day a month before giving birth. The feelings were incredible. They were changing, multiplying, softening, there was everything. They definitely empowered me on a conscious and subconscious level, what I used during a very long labour. Now the time has come to offer such transformational Pesonal audio healing to you as well. It opens the door to the hidden recesses of our fears, to our subconscious minds and shows us a new directions. It is indescribable.

In personal audio healing we implement your intention, which unifies with the infinite intelligence of the universe, the healing frequencies, our therapeutic methods, knowledge, practice and energy. Personal audio healing is the process of keeping a healthy high frequency vibration in our cells.

Each personal audio record is made lifetime for you. It’s only yours and you can listen the record whenever you feel to come back to yourself, in balance, immerse yourself into deep meditation and the get to know unkown parts of your soul.

Premium qualitytools with soul

Premium quality
tools with soul

The quality of the therapy goes hand in hand with the quality of the instruments. That is why we work exclusively with proven professionals who make resonance instruments. The multinational companies Meinl Sonic Energy, Olli Hess, Broder Oetken.

What isSoundhealing?

What is

Vibration is everything we see and do not see with our eyes. Our whole life takes place at certain frequencies and is based on resonance. Sound healing is deep meditation and healing in one. It leads us to a happier, healthier, more conscious and better quality of life. When we look within us, we find that everything we have ever been looking for is there. Absolute trust in life and unconditional love are the pillars of sound healing and tha path of self-development, or psychotherapy, where we discover the power of meditation and working on the energy centres = chakras.

sound healing einstein

“Everything in the world is a vibration”

Albert Einstein



SAT NAM is a Sanskrit greeting and it means “in the name of truth”. It is an important guide for us in our daily lives. It reminds us to be humble, to have a sense of truth, to keep our feet firmly on the ground, and to live with an open heart free from prejudice, limiting judgements and fears. When we succeed in bringing you closer to experiencing the essence of universal truth, we feel great gratitude…that we can be some sort of a mediator of what life offers to all of us, without any difference, in its most colourful spectrum.

In our long years of practice, hundreds of real results of healing, reliefs, transformations and spiritual experiences speak for themselves. We are very grateful for each and every one of you to whom our therapies bring back lost harmony and inner peace. According to your words, each therapy is an experience and has many of you led to healing or relief, and that is our driving force.

Sound healingretreats

Sound healing

Spiritual retreat designated for self-development. Its main goal is to immerse into oneself and to embark for a journey of transformation. There is no meat eating and sound healing meditations are held several times a day. We build a collective energy together and we discuss and sense what is going on within us and around us. Sound Healing retreats originated back in 2017, when the 1st retreat took place in Low Tatras, in the magical Krpáčovo, our favourite place. Since then the retreats have been held 3 times a year.

sound healing cvicenie pozadie

Ayurveda & Gong / Sri Lanka 2019

sound healing live streaming

Sound Healing Slovakia / Letný pobyt

sound healing live streaming

Summer sound healing camp 2018

Why should we deal with our
mental health?

Under stress, tension and pressure our cells in the body behave disharmoniously. Disharmonic behaviour of cells affects our immunity, the condition of individual organs, blood circulation, nervous, lymphatic and digestive system. Energetically, it affects our meridians, chakras, mind, mental health. Harmonization is the process, by which we get back to ourselves, to our 100% potential, to our power, to our health, to our (re)cognition. Instruments such as singing and crystal bowls, gongs, shamanic drums, tuning forks and chimes have a wide range of healing frequencies. The unique resonance enters our whole body, like living water that heals, nourishes and washes away.

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