Singing Bowls II. Course / advanced


duration: 2 days/a weekend

As everything in the world has its degrees, and levels of knowledge, it is no different in the world of healing frequencies. The Singing Bowls II. course is a course for those who want to immerse even deeper into the subject of the sacredness of the bowls.

Graduates of our Singing Bowls I. course, you are cordially welcome to continue your education in the field of holistic resonance. The advanced course is a very rare entry into a space that is shrouded in many miracles, energies, infinite love and trust in the universe and in healing resonance itself. In the Singing Bowls II. course, you will learn how to take a significant step forward in your development in the field of sound therapy and expand your knowledge and important understanding in the handling of sacred healing instruments. You will explore the space that creates a magical place for various forms of healing. The course is guided by an expert sound & gong master, a highly qualified teacher in holistic resonance.

“I have been developing this course intensively for two years to give it the dimension and shape I wanted in a corner of my soul. I am content with its essence, as it takes the graduates to another frequency level and thus changes their overall perception and life itself.” Mgr. Lucia Nosko, sound&gong master, therapist

The price of the course includes all-day refreshments and a graduation certificate.


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