Singing Bowls I. Course / beginners


duration: 1 day

Singing bowls are magical spiritual tools that can help, change, fix, tweak and heal so much. Many cultures have been working with bowls for generations since time immemorial. We are fascinated by bowls and we will take you into their kind world in this course.

This course has long been one of our most popular. As of 2018, we have our graduates not only from different parts of Slovakia, but also from abroad. Have singing (Tibetan) bowls appealed to you and would you like to learn more about their sacredness? This course will open new horizons about the power of sound and its healing. Many of you work in various help centers, practice yoga or have your own bowls at home. Many of you would like to have at least one at home. For your children, for yourself, for your loved ones. What to do with it? How to choose the right one? What techniques to play on it? How to properly harmonize yourself, loved ones, space? How to play for children? How to help (yourself) in pain? What can singing bowls do?

What will you learn?

  • answers to all the above questions (plus yours)
  • origin of bowls
  • types of bowls
  • how to handle your bowl and many others
  • correct technique
  • chakra harmonization process
  • about vibration, resonance, nervous & lymphatic system
  • important information from practice

You will also be able to purchase your choice of bowls after the course. The course fee includes training by the professional sound therapist with the highest degree of education, all-day refreshments and graduation certificate.


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