Gongs I. Course / beginners


Duration: 2 days/a weekend

The gong is one of the oldest instruments in the world. It is also the most powerful instrument in the world. The gong is full of the power of the universe destined for a better being, a better self.

ON-SITE PAYMENT ONLY POSSIBLE IN CASH – Thank you very much for your understanding

Gongs and their magical power change us from the ground up. With every minute spent in gong resonance, we become a better and better person. Gongs are the most powerful instrument in the world. They can change even what we like to think is impossible. On the course you will learn all the basic information about the gong, gong playing techniques, international terminology in the field of holistic resonance. We will learn what is the meaning of holistic gong resonance, the effects and uses, for self, individual, group, humanity. We will delve into the secrets of the infinite journey of the sound of the universe.

The course is led by professional gong master Lucia Nosko, who has the highest international training in holistic resonance in the world. (Level: Gong Master Teacher)

Note: You do not need to have experience, even your own gong is not necessary.

All day refreshments and graduation certificate are included in the course fee.


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