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Over time, we mature into such open beings that we change the usual stereotypes. That is also why the topic of spirituality, personal development, mental health care and mental well-being, spreads into the media more and more every year. It is part of our evolution as humanity. Part of the age of Aquarius that we are in. We’re vibrating and realigning together to higher vibrations. Correspondingly, the media is discussing the topic of spirituality much more. We are delighted that several media outlets are approaching us for interviews, inviting us as guests on their shows. Spreading awareness of sound healing and helping other people in this way is what we see great sense in. At the same time, we are grateful that we can and that we are trusted by publishers, producers, etc., as well as readers, listeners and viewers. We wish you a wonderful listening, reading and watching.

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Consciously Together 01 - Introduction

Consciously TOGETHER 02 - Ľubka Takáčová


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