Shamanism Course: Basic Ancient Healing Techniques


Title: Shamanism Course: Basic Ancient Healing Techniques

Number of persons limited: 6 maximum

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I am a very practically oriented person, that is why I formed this course for almost two years, mainly because of the use of individual techniques in practice, both in my own work and when working with clients on a daily basis, to gather a sufficient amount of experience and data, which has now occurred time to move on to those who will be attracted to this wonderful course ­čîÇ

We can help ourself with everything in our everyday life. Support our chi, get rid of burdensome/low energy, cope better with daily trials, relax, know yourself, support health, …

Sometimes it is enough to “just” show the direction and the next steps are already up to each of us…

Shamanism, which is based on light and love, provides us with many techniques, methods and ways to help ourselves “by ourselves” (in cooperation with animals, guides, protectors, ancestors, gods elements, and other beings…) often very simply, quickly and effectively ­čîŐ­čî┐ ­čĺź

The main purpose of this two-day author’s course “basic shamanic techniques for everyday life” is to become familiar with and try out several of them in practice and to perceive the importance of their application in everyday life…

We are not alone in anything in our life, even though it may seem like that ­čśŐ

I look forward to seeing you

Martin ­čîÇ