Your Voice as a Healing Tool


Title: Your VOICE as a healing tool

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Free your voice=Voice as a healing tool.

Many times we don’t know what stands in the way of our satisfaction, success, also health. By understanding that we are behind that, we can do miracles by waiting. Together with the techniques for activating the throat and solar plexus chakras, we will get rid of the blocks that hold us from truly growing, being happy and being able to express ourselves. Conscious communication, speech, singing, they can vibrate at high frequencies. Together we will learn how and why.
The content of the course is working with the voice on several levels, but especially understanding and becoming aware of what our voice actually represents for us, and what potential it has. Our voice is a healing tool that we carry with us all the time, and many times we don’t even know what treasure we have hidden in the throat chakra. We can heal ourselves and others with our voice. As soon as we understand how the vibration created by us works, and we learn to handle it, a turning point occurs. The voice is no longer “just” a means of communicating in a certain language. We suddenly know how to use it consciously and therapeutically. Then it affects all levels: body&mind&spirit.
Standing in your true power means freeing your voice and gaining a new perspective on life. Knowing how to open up, express yourself, authentically, without fear and self-doubt.
This course is for those who want to develop and work on themselves in other levels of knowledge, also for those who work with people, for trainers, teachers, therapists, and those who want to work on themselves in every aspect and are not afraid at the same time, clash with themselves, with demons, but vice versa.
This course is about getting out of your comfort zone and getting to know yourself = improving & building your potential.

(M.Sc. Lucia Nosko graduated from a college of mass media communication, worked in the media for 15 years, and working with the voice has accompanied her since her youth. On the course, she naturally connects all the rich knowledge from real practice with the world of healing vibrations. To grasp the subject of the voice in various aspects so that it brought a new dimension to the participants’ lives and their further practice needed a few years of development and research. Today the course is in the world – ready to move closer to you, and open your voice)

(Your) VOICE as a healing tool (realize your potential through the sacred voice)